Hai Wang

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PhD Candidate,
Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago (TTIC)
6045S, Kenwood Ave, Chicago, Illinois, 60637, USA
Phone: +312 785 3128
Fax: +773 357 6970
Email: haiwang@ttic[DOT]edu, @uchicago[DOT]edu

Short Bio

Since 2014, I have been a PhD student at TTI-Chicago, a philanthropically endowed computer science research institute located in the University of Chicago campus. I am fortunate to work with Prof. David McAllester. I received my Master from Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) in South Korea, and I got my Bachelor from Wuhan University in China, all in computer science major.


My main research interest lies in unsupervised/weakly supervised natural language processing, with applications in machine reading, machine translation and biomedical data analysis. I also have broad interests in large scale Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Optimization. Particularly, I want to develop theoretically rigorous and practically efficient learning algorithm. I also work on some joint computer vision & NLP problems from time to time.

I gratefully acknowledge the support of Facebook AI Research with a research award supporting my research at TTI-Chicago.


*-equal contribution

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Jialei Wang, Hai Wang and Nathan Srebro, "Reducing Runtime by Recycling Samples", Arxiv 2016, PDF

Industrial Experience

2018.6~2018.9: Interned in Tencent AI Lab, Seattle , with Dong Yu

2017.6~2017.9: Interned in MSR, Redmond , with Hoifung Poon, Chris Quirk and Lucy Vanderwende.

2017.3~2017.6: Interned in MSR, Redmond , work with SingBing Kang and Jason Williams.

2016.4~2016.7: Interned in MERL with Dr. Takaaki Hori.

2011.9~2013.12: Involved in vision research projects from Samsung Electronics.


Teaching & Service

Introduction to Computer Vision , POSTECH, Spring 2013.

Fundamentals of Deep Learning , UChicago/TTIC, Winter 2017/2018.

Conference Review: EMNLP, ACL, AAAI

Other Stuff

Google Scholar, Github, AI Conference Deadline