Members: Faculty and Students in TTIC and University of Chicago
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Topic Involved:
  • discuss papers on computer vision
  • present our research and ask for suggestions
Time: Friday 3:00pm-4:30pm
Location: 6045 S Kenwood, Room 530 (on the Fifth Floor of the Building)
Schedule:   [past papers archive]
Autumn Quarter, 2013
Date Speaker Topic
Oct 4, 2013 George ImageNet Classification with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks [pdf]
Oct 11, 2013 Jian MAP Inference in Chains using Column Generation [pdf]
Oct 18, 2013 Wenjie TBD [pdf]
Oct 25, 2013 TBD CANCELLED
Nov 8, 2013 Abhishek Bringing Semantics Into Focus Using Visual Abstraction [pdf]
Nov 15, 2013 TBD CANCELLED
Nov 22, 2013 Shubhendu Visualizing and Understanding Convolutional Neural Networks[pdf]
Dec 6, 2013 Jian Streaming Hierarchical Video Segmentation [pdf]
Dec 13, 2013 Gustav TBD [pdf]
TBD, 2013 Paymen TBD [pdf]
TBD Vikas TBD [pdf]
TBD Kaustav TBD [pdf]
TBD Greg TBD [pdf]
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