Past Papers Archive for Vision Reading Group at TTIC

Summer Quarter, 2013:
Date Speaker Topic
Jul 19, 2013 Greg Fast, Accurate Detection of 100,000 Object Classes on a Single Machine [pdf]
Jul 26, 2013 Shubhendu Optimizing 1-Nearest Prototype Classifiers [pdf]
Aug 2, 2013 Subhransu Cartesian K-Means [pdf]
Aug 9, 2013 Edgar Integrating Grammar and Segmentation for Human Pose Estimation (CVPR 2013) [pdf]
Aug 16, 2013 Gustav Explicit Occlusion Modeling for 3D Object Class Representations (CVPR 2013) [pdf]
Aug 23, 2013 Paymen Fine-Grained Crowdsourcing for Fine-Grained Recognition [pdf]
Aug 30, 2013 Sanja CANCELLED
Sep 6, 2013 Vikas Review: Fast approximate energy minimization via graph cuts [pdf]
Sep 13, 2013 Kaustav Finding Things: Image Parsing with Regions and Per-Exemplar Detectors [pdf]
Spring Quarter, 2013:
Date Speaker Topic
Apr 26, 2013 Payman Detecting Actions, Poses, and Objects with Relational Phraselets [pdf]
May 17, 2013 Shubhendu Transforming Auto-encoders [pdf]
May 24, 2013 Jian Yao Figure-ground segmentation by transferring window masks [pdf]
May 31, 2013 Kaustav Multiple View Object Cosegmentation using Appearance and Stereo Cues [pdf]
Jun 7, 2013 Marcus Presentation Rehearsal
Jun 14, 2013 WenJie Multimodal Learning with Deep Boltzmann Machines [pdf]
Jun 21, 2013 Jia Xu Incorporating User Interaction and Topological Constraints within Contour Completion via Discrete Calculus [pdf]
Jul 12, 2013 Abhishek Learning Structured Hough Voting for Joint Object Detection and Occlusion Reasoning [pdf]
Winter Quarter, 2012-2013:
Date Speaker Topic
Nov 26, 2012 Shubhendu Multidimensional Spectral Hashing, ECCV 2012 [pdf]
Dec 3, 2012 Jian Yao A Generative Model for Parts-based Object Segmentation, NIPS 2012 [pdf]
Dec 10, 2012 Patrick CANCELED
Dec 17, 2012 Kaustav Indoor Segmentation and Support Inference from RGBD Images, ECCV 2012 [pdf]
Jan 14, 2013 Sanja Timely Object Recognition, NIPS 2012 [pdf]
Jan 28, 2013 WenJie Active Learning for Semantic Segmentation with Expected Change, CVPR 2012 [pdf]
Feb 4, 2013 Vikas Face Alignment by Explicit Shape Regression, CVPR 2012 [pdf]
Feb 11, 2013 Christoph Stiller Towards Swarms of Self-Driving Automobiles (This is a talk)
Feb 18, 2013 Abhishek Shape Sharing for Object Segmentation, ECCV 2012 [pdf]
Feb 25, 2013 David Road Scene Segmentation from a Single Image, ECCV 2012 [pdf]
Mar 4, 2013 Raquel CANCELED
Mar 11, 2013 Payman CANCELED
Mar 18, 2013 Greg Learning Rotation-Aware Features: From Invariant Priors to Equivariant Descriptors, CVPR 2012 [pdf]
For more previously presented papers, please refer: [link to GoogleDoc]