Pedro Savarese

PhD Student,
Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago (TTIC)
6045S, Kenwood Ave, Chicago, Illinois, 60637, USA
Email: savarese@ttic[DOT]edu,@uchicago[DOT]edu

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About me

I am a 4th year PhD student at TTI-Chicago, a philanthropically endowed computer science research institute located in the University of Chicago campus, and I am advised by Prof. Michael Maire and Prof. David McAllester. I received my Bachelor's from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, and my Master's from Columbia University. Before joining TTIC, I had the pleasure to do research under the supervision of Prof. Daniel Ratton on topics such as graph embedding and neural networks.


02/2021: Two papers accepted to CVPR 2021: Domain-independent Dominance of Adaptive Methods and Information-Theoretic Segmentation by Inpainting Error Maximization


I am generally interested in designing simple and principled methods to make machine learning applications more efficient in terms of data and compute. In particular, I am enthusiastic about unsupervised learning, generative modelling, sparsity in deep networks, and deep learning applications in computer vision.


Sparsity/Efficiency for Neural Networks: Optimization: Unsupervised Learning (Generative Modelling, Representation Learning, etc) Other


Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Computer Vision, UChicago, Winter 2021

Teaching Assistant, Fundamentals of Deep Learning, TTIC, Fall 2020

Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Statistical Machine Learning, TTIC, Fall 2018

Lecturer, Introduction to Machine Learning, TTI-Japan, Summer 2018

Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Machine Learning Summer School, TTIC, Summer 2018

Teaching Assistant, Algorithmic Techniques for Massive Data, Columbia University, Fall 2015

Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Computational Learning Theory, Columbia University, Fall 2015

Teaching Assistant, Algorithms for Data Science, Columbia University, Spring 2015


Reviewer NeurIPS (2019, 2020), ICML (2021), ICLR (2021), CVPR (2020, 2021), ECCV (2020), AAAI (2020), ICCV (2019), TPAMI (2020), JMLR (2021)

Undergrad Thesis Advisor, Pedro Bandeira de Mello Martins, 2017 Application of Generative Adversarial Networks for Black and White Image Colorization

Undergrad Thesis Advisor, Renan Araujo Lage, 2016 Sentiment Lexicon Generation with Continuous Polarities for Portuguese using Logistic Regressions and Semantic Modifiers