This page hosts resources related to our work on commonsense knowledge representation.

For details on these resources, please see Li et al. (2016).



The demo mentioned above can be used to compute the score of any arbitrary tuple.
For example:
python drive_fast accident topfive
causes score: 0.992529380836
hassubevent score: 0.986317631007
hasprerequisite score: 0.248943002166
usedfor score: 0.160948880494
hasfirstsubevent score: 0.160748517657
python gift birthday_party topfive
atlocation score: 0.940286085436
usedfor score: 0.802385884092
isa score: 0.439336382139
createdby score: 0.358644232972
motivatedbygoal score: 0.250502613254
python hot summer sum
total score is: 11.0485060314
python hot winter sum
total score is: 5.44850904225
python eat_food feel_full max
causes score: 0.836753527212


Xiang Li, Aynaz Taheri, Lifu Tu, and Kevin Gimpel. Commonsense Knowledge Base Completion. Proc. of ACL, 2016. (bib)