Sheng Wang, PhD

Sheng Wang 

Research Scientist
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

wangsheng <at> ttic <dot> edu
realbigws <at> gmail <dot> com

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Recent News

  • A new server, PredMP, for de novo prediction and visualization of membrane proteins has been accepted by Bioinformatics. Congratulations to Shiyang Fei and Zongan Wang.

  • Our paper on protein contact map prediction by Ultra-Deep Learning model was awarded 'Highly Cited Paper' by WEB OF SCIENCE.

  • Our team work DeepThreader has been accepted by ISMB 2018.

  • Our work on the protein interfacial contact prediction has been accepted by RECOMB 2018.

  • Our paper on the salt-bridge competition triggered by phosphorylation has been accepted by PNAS.

  • Our paper on folding membrane proteins by deep transfer learning has been accepted by Cell Systems and RECOMB 2017.

  • A Deep Learning approach for identification of transcript boundaries from RNA-seq has been accepted by ISMB 2017.

Short Biography

  • My research interest lies in the pipeline that initiates from machine learning models to computational biology algorithms and terminates at applications in biological problems. Specifically, my research interests focus on the data analysis and interpretation with respect to DNA, RNA, and protein. In the past years, I have devoted myself to studying models and algorithms for learning from big and imbalanced data, which are then applied for predicting protein structure and function. My current research interests are also focused on machine-learning-based next generation sequencing and structure-based protein function analysis.

  • Please view my full publications and citations at Google Scholar. Please review my codes at GitHub.

Selected Top15 Publications (# corresponding author, * co-first author)

Research Highlights


  • In APBC 2018, I won the Best Paper Award for our team work entitled RaptorX-Angle.

  • In the year 2017, I was selected as Top10 reviewers for the journal Molecular Biosystems.

  • In CASP12 2016, our team RaptorX-Contact was officially ranked 1st in contact prediction.

  • In IJCAI BOOM 2016, I won the Best Poster Award for my work DeepCNF-AUC.

  • In ISMB 3DSIG 2014, I won the Warren DeLano Award for our team work MRFalign.

  • In RECOMB 2014, I won the Best Paper Award for our team work entitled MRFalign.

  • In ISMB 3DSIG 2012, I won the Warren DeLano Award for my work DeepAlign.

  • In BioInfoSummer07, I won the Hilary Booth Prize for Best talk for my work CLEPAPS.