Source Code by Shai Shalev-Shwartz

Terms and Conditions

The code below is given under the GNU Lesser General Public License. Use on your own risk !
The code was developed on cygwin using g++ version 3.4.4. Most of the code was also tested on Linux using g++ version 4.0.3


  • pdfjoin This small shell script merges (join) the pages of different pdf files into a single pdf file. The script requires pdflatex installed. It was written by Ambuj Tewari. There's a much more sophisticated set of scripts (look for PDFjam in your favorite search engine).
  • Learning Tools

    The following libraries are extensively used in my code. I usually assume that the following libraries are within a directory under the name learning_tools.

    Label Ranking

    Online Multiclass Prediction

    Pegasos -- Solving SVM