Workshop on Machine Learning in Speech and Language Processing

August 11, 2017
Sydney, Australia

Call for Papers/Abstracts and Participation

MLSLP is a recurring workshop, often joint with machine learning or speech/NLP conferences. Prior workshops were held in 2011, 2012, and 2016. While research in speech and language processing has always involved machine learning, current research is benefiting from even closer interaction between these fields. Speech and language processing is continually mining new ideas from ML and ML, in turn, is devoting more interest to speech and language applications. This workshop aims to be a venue for identifying and incubating the next waves of research directions for interaction and collaboration. The workshop will not be yet another venue for applications of deep learning to speech and language processing, as this is already well covered by major conferences. It will, however, include new directions for deep learning in speech/language, as well as other emerging ideas. In general, the workshop will (1) discuss the emerging research ideas with potential for impact in speech/language and (2) bring together relevant researchers from ML and speech/language who may not regularly interact at conferences. MLSLP is a workshop of SIGML, the SIG on machine learning in speech and language processing of ISCA (the International Speech Communication Association).

Invited Speakers

Andrew McCallum (U. Massachusetts Amherst), Joelle Pineau (McGill), Ron Weiss (Google), Jason Weston (Facebook), and Tasha Nagamine (Columbia).

Paper/Abstract Submission

Prospective authors are invited to submit 2-page abstracts or 4-6 page papers via the submission link to the left. Each paper/abstract will be reviewed by at least two reviewers. Each accepted paper/abstract must have at least one registered author.

Organizing Committee

Karen Livescu (general chair) TTI-Chicago
Anton Ragni (general chair) U. Cambridge
Liang Lu (program chair) TTI-Chicago
Tara Sainath (program chair) Google
Tasha Nagamine (local coordinator) Columbia University

Scientific Committee

Ebru Arisoy MEF University
Leonardo Badino Italian Institute of Technology
Mark Hasegawa-Johnson UIUC
Yanzhang (Ryan) He Google
Julia Hirschberg Columbia University
Joseph Keshet Bar-Ilan University
Andrew Liu CUHK
Yang Liu Facebook
Arun Narayanan Google
Rohit Prabhavalkar Google
Ralf Schlueter Aachen
Michael Seltzer Microsoft Research
Hao Tang TTI-Chicago