Graduate study and postdoc opportunity in Computational Biology


Dr. Jinbo Xu's group at the Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago (TTI-Chicago) has openings for 2-3 PhD students and 1-2 postdocs. The students and postdocs will work on the interface of machine learning and molecular biology and be funded for 5 years if they can maintain good performance. Xu group is developing statistical methods, probabilistic graphical models and optimization techniques to solve problems relevant to biomolecular sequence/structure modeling and biological network analysis. The ideal candidate would have relevant background and interests in some (not necessarily all) of the areas: combinatorial optimization, machine learning, statistics and molecular biology. Members in Xu group will have opportunities to interact with collaborators including Drs. Tobin Sosnick and Karl Freed at the University of Chicago and Dr. Michael Wilde at the Argonne National Laboratory and many other faculty members at TTI-Chicago.


To apply, or for additional information, please contact Dr. Jinbo Xu at

Please also submit your graduate study application through the online system at Highly-qualified and motivated students are encouraged to contact me at any time since our admission dates are very flexible.

In addition, Xu group also has one opening for summer intern.