• I was an OI → ACM-ICPC competitor, "when I was young".
    I reviewed a book (Chapters of basic algorithms, data structures and mathematics) on Olympiad of Informatics, of which the author is Yudong Li. He is a famous OI/ICPC competitor known as "lydrainbowcat".
    [Buy the book, in simplified Chinese]

  • I play Guqin.
    I am a member of Jiu-Yi School (F. Shi → F. Zhao → T. Li → Y. Li → Z. Yang, founder of the School; annotated following the convention of dependency parsing).
    My style is also influenced by Mr. Gong Yi a lot.
    I served as the chief of PKU Guqin Society from August 2016 to August 2017, and a committee member from August 2015 to July 2018.

  • I write papers, and sometimes, poems (in either classical or simplified Chinese).
    My Erdős number is (at most) 4 (F. Shi → K. Livescu K. Chaudhuri F. Chung P. Erdős).

  • I love Ludwig Wittgenstein and (most of) his theories.
    Currently, my favorite NLP/CL paper is Learning Language Games through Interaction by Sida Wang, Percy Liang and Chris Manning.

  • I would prefer Freda in person, but I am always Haoyue Shi on publications and conference presentations for "historical" reasons.
    I sometimes answer to some nicknames as well :)

  • The origin of my blog name: Being towards nada.

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